All About Dixie

Dixie Longate hails from Mobile, Alabama where she lives with her three kids: Wynona, Dwayne and Absorbine, Jr.  She started selling Tupperware as part of the conditions of her parole back in 2001. Within a few years, she became the top selling Tupperware representative in the US. When a friend of hers told her she should turn her living room party into a theatrical show, she laughed so hard at the idea, she almost had to put down her drink.

Dixie's Tupperware Party soon opened off-Broadway in 2007 to both raving fans and great reviews. The show earned Dixie a Drama Desk Award Nomination for Outstanding Solo Performance. She lost to Laurence Fishburne. Really. Look it up.

The following year, with plastic bowls in hand, she embarked on a small tour to some theaters in the US.  Twelve years later, that tour was still running and had become one of the longest-running off-broadway tours in American theater history.

She followed that up in 2014 with her second show, Never Wear a Tube Top While Riding A Mechanical Bull (and 16 other things I learned while I was drinking last Thursday) which was originally produced by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts which Dixie discovered is really hard to say after 8 alcoholic Shirley Temples.

During the lockdown in 2020, she came up with her first streaming show while refilling her breakfast vodka as she was trying to homeschool her kids.  Dixie's Happy Hour ran in 26 cities over the first few months of 2021.

After 22 months of being forced to be with her kids full-time, which was about the meanest thing anyone has ever done to her by the way, she decided it was time to emerge from the trailer to share all the things that she learned when the world was flipped over and life took a crap on the front lawn with her new show, Cherry Bombs and Bottle Rockets.

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