“Not your grandmother's
Tupperware Party!”

-NBC Today Show

“I was laughing too hard to breathe!”
-LA Times

“Pure theatrical bliss!”

“Dixie is a Marvel! A nonstop adrenaline boost.”

“Dixie could convince Rush Limbaugh
to buy an Obama T-shirt and wear it.
Highly entertaining and hilarious.”

-Charlotte Observer

“...a Southern-fried version of Dame Edna
...can we just say: What. A. Riot.”


“'Dixie's Tupperware Party'...
warm and fuzzy...empowerment
that will leave you
with lots of fun memories,
and perhaps also a pantry full of
very cool plastic crap”


“Dixie is all smiles and sweet sugar!”
-Associated Press

“Warm, sassy, and naughty...
she's a character who's so
friendly and joyous that you
just have to smile back
and join in the fun.”

- Phoenix New Times

“She's a floozy with a heart of gold.”
- Des Moines Register

“It is too funny a show to miss.”
- Broadwayworld Toronto

“COMIC GOLD! Brilliant improvisation”
- Orange County Register

“Improvisational comedy at it's best...
hilarious and as politically incorrect
as Bill Maher.”

- Birmingham News

“Beyond Dixie's infinite charm,
is the unexpectedly life-affirming,
girl-empowering message of her show.
It segues effortlessly from ribaldry
to wrenching our hearts with her
mini-history of the Tupperware party.”

- Scotsman – Edinburgh Fringe

“Dixie is a champion of women of ideas.”
- Greenbay Press Gazette




Photo by: Patrick Russel